Street Legal

Got through the online nursing competency bit AND the day-walking blitz competency … So, yeah!  I’m street-legal with my employer for another year.  Yay!!!

Back in the studio … I’m taking inventory in slow preparation for Arts & Greens 2017, deciding which projects, ornaments and techniques to try.  And cutting up vitrigraph stacks, as we build our coe96 murrini cane stock.   Here are the next two pulls:  Gold-yellow and Candy Corn

96-gold-yellow     96-candy-corn-stack

We had our coe96 green mix pull with good results.  You can check them all out in our Etsy shop.


And with the touch of cooler weather – it must be time for some comfort food.  We’ll be trying this recipe from Amy at The Idea Room – Artichoke Spinach Ravioli Bake (photo credit:


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