Gah! ~

It’s that time of year again!  Yep, annual on-line nursing competency H.E.L.L. … To add to the fun, our educational expert decided to choose a print font visible only to the insect eye!  And I’M the ONE getting tested for age-specific appropriate skills, tools and techniques?!?  But, it’s over … for now!


We had a good time at Harvest Fest … with record high temperatures (91 degrees … in September … in Michigan!!)! Thank you all, who stopped in to see us!  [Losers that we are, DH and I both failed to get a photo of our set up.]  Moving on …

Now to clean this studio, and gear up for Arts-N-Greens.  I’ve got a few projects I want to try.  We had a coe96 vitrigraph pull in beautiful shades of blue this week.  I hope to squeeze in one more later tonight, before heading in for ER nurse weekend fun.  

coe96 The Blues 20170927_011850

And, maybe another pool day?!?  It could happen … Winking smile

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