Prepping for Harvest Fest

So, we will be off to Brighton Farmer’s Market Harvest Fest in T-7 hours … We put in some work, but we’re as ready as we’re gonna be!  All but Chloe, that is … who managed to catch a few fading Summer-rays in the pool this week!  (She does love her float!)


PenDots and glass cabochons galore …

bracelet-penDots  bronze  penDot-necklace-display

We added a few bracelets and aromatherapy pendants along with our mica necklaces …

harvest-fest-white-display   harvest-fest-black-display

I managed to squeeze in a round of miniDots (12mm) for some special jewelry …

miniDots    babyDots

Meanwhile, DH packed up some 50 spoon rests, barely touched on the 80 night light shades, and boxed up the 200+ pendants … along with all 60 of my ‘tea dishes’ …

night-lights-for-show    200 -pendants

Ready, Set … Harvest Fest … GO!!!


I have the day off from work, so we’ll end by attending a friend’s annual pig roast/summer gala … With only 12 hours of ER nursing fun before I roll into our next studio week: A few custom orders and a couple of coe96 vitrigraph pulls (greens and blues) on the horizon … [#happy]


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