Can’t Stop It …

I know … I KNOW!!!  I’m supposed to be cooking for TWO!  I KNOW THIS ~ but, it can’t be stopped!  I started with what I hoped would be a yummy, roasted cauliflower recipe (Pinterest strikes again!) … No offense, but it was just about mush, ready to be mashed cauliflower.  Who does that?  I’d make mashed potatoes, if I wanted that consistency …

So, I threw it in my soup, which is loosely based on this recipe, without tomato, but we added thick-cut bacon, cabbage, mushrooms and cream … and a few more herbs and spices.  With the additional roasted cauliflower, well …  It’s enough for a military squad, at least …

roasted-cauliflower   sausage-bean-harvest-soup

Moving on … I saw a (coe90) vitrigraph stack and pull I wanted to recreate.  It worked (better than our last vit fiasco … But – not magical!) … I will try fusing it in some manner, so … We’ll see.  Next up, a coe96 green pull ( – here’s the stack)!

fancy-stack  fancy-pullcoe96-green-stack

We’ve been accepted to Arts & Greens 2017.  Nothing to do now but prep, prep, PREP!!!  Here are a couple of penDot jewelry pieces …


I’m loving our quazi-Indian summer in Michigan … warm days with cold nights.  But ~ DH installed a pool heater.  I KNOW, RIGHT?!?  We’re at  78 degrees and holding … Gotta love Pool Dayz!!!!

Leaving with Chloe and her side-kick, Frodo … Winking smile

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