Not much news …

OK – a little bit of news … We’re prepping for (hopefully) the two shows we do each year (one confirmed, one pending) …

I know we will be at Brighton Harvest Fest on 9/23 … come and say ‘Hi’, if you get the chance …

So, I’m prepping inventory, boxing jewelry, etc.  And, DH and I are still having (vitrigraph) ‘pull dates’ … Tonight’s results were weird!  We did an awesome stack, which should have made beautiful cane/murrini … But!  I’m pretty sure I left a factory sticker on one (or more) pieces, which is dumb … stupid … idiotic!  In my defense, I cut over 100 pieces of vit glass that day, with every intention of going back through and cleaning.  And then, I saw a butterfly … I mean, I got excited creating gorgeous vit stacks … Yep – never went back through them … DOH!

Lumpy, bumpy, UGLY cane!


Sweet penDot (ginger snap) jewelry, penDots and pendants …

ginger-snap-jewelry ginger-snaps murrine-pendants

And, I leave with ‘Bull Frog vs. Bull Dog’ … Bull frog wins the day (hops away) … Smile



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