Murrini Madness … and more glass!

I’m working on more coe96 cane colors.  We had a pull tonight, and here is our ‘Pumpkin’ murrine:


I’ve cut glass for SEVERAL more pulls (… I was in a cutting mood!) …


I have a few of the stacks prepped.  I hope to keep the vit kiln busy this week:

blueberry-grape-stack GoT-royalty-stack hydrangea-stack turquoise-brown-stack

We also have our coe90 cane all packaged/stocked-up:


I managed to move along some future pendants and finish a few penDots and jewelry:

cloud-cabs-8-17 penDot-pendants Aug-cloud-pendant

And, I’m trialing a custom request for ‘camouflage glass’ … Time to see what the kiln does with it:


Lastly, I’m attempting to update our glass site (this site).  I stink at code writing, but like to think I can follow directions (sometimes) … So, I’m doing my best to decipher wordpress instructions, study ‘help’ videos and dissect a bit of web code … Which is probably why I’ve been so productive with glass!!! Winking smile

3 Comments on “Murrini Madness … and more glass!”

  1. thanks for all your pics on stacking glass for murrini . I am just learning .and love your pics on how u stack colors


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