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Murrini Madness … and more glass!

I’m working on more coe96 cane colors.  We had a pull tonight, and here is our ‘Pumpkin’ murrine: I’ve cut glass for SEVERAL more pulls (… I was in a cutting mood!) … I have a few of the stacks prepped.  I… Read More

Exploding FISH – and other news …

I can’t believe my over-stuffed kiln did what she did.  She did NOT play nice … exactly … But, she didn’t die either.  And – look what she created on the bottom layer of her unhappy self! I couldn’t produce that – in… Read More

Frustration …

with surgeons and teenage girls had me excessively busy with my hands this week – as I tried to keep my mouth quiet!  Special thanks to my dad, who let me vent about the surgeon.  If you’re not going to listen to your… Read More

Full Moon, Fractured, Floundering … equals Frustration

As I drove to work this past weekend and finally laid eyes on the very low in the sky VERY FULL moon, I found myself repeating ‘Crap … Crap … SHOOT!’ on the whole drive in … Where the full moon weekend, along… Read More

Warning – Stay Away at the moment!!!

It’s not safe up in here at this time!!  I’m cussing like a sailor and ready to take my frustrations of all things electronic out on anything that moves!!! 2.5 hours … 150 minutes of fighting with the wi-fi, my computer, my… Read More

And then there’s Monday … WWU

Gone is the contentment, bottled or otherwise … What a crummy weekend.  Volume wasn’t out of control, no ‘major’ patients (i.e. really sick) … but YUCK!  Drama, drama, drama … and a bit of it was mine.  I was shorter-fused than I… Read More