Warning – Stay Away at the moment!!!

It’s not safe up in here at this time!!  I’m cussing like a sailor and ready to take my frustrations of all things electronic out on anything that moves!!!

2.5 hours … 150 minutes of fighting with the wi-fi, my computer, my printer (and don’t even get me started on the stupid battery in my phone that refuses to take a charge!) … all while the sun was shining and I COULD HAVE BEEN IN THE POOL!!!

But – NOO … I decided that I wanted to make a dye-sub gift for a friend who is soon to be married.  gift(YESSS, I waited ‘til the last minute – but I don’t recommend going there  right now!)  After convincing the computer it would be best to cooperate with me, my specialty printer (um, yeah – the one with special-order ink cartridges that cost as much as many car payments!) decided it was “Low on Ink”!!!  Oh no … REALLY?!?  Aarrgghh!

It’s okay … while all of the electronic components in my studio are now sporting new names (i.e. Dumb A$$, Jack A%%, and Di*k Weed, along with the beloved computer, MF’er), I think I can feel my blood pressure starting to ease now.  Maybe …

Time to go to the party … WITHOUT the gift!  Dammmitallanyway!!!  It would have been cute, too!

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