Let there be … DRAMA!

Oh My Lordy!  People, particularly 20-somethings will never cease to AMAZE me …  Their oral-diarrhea is outmatched only by the size of their egos, and this sense of ‘you owe me’/entitlement is baffling!

With that said – I choose to move on from the drama, and play in my studio. 

I tried a new technique for etching dichro, and I’m liking it.  It allows me to play with software, paper-craft supplies (an e-cutter, mine is a Sizzix Eclips) AND glass.  Pretty cool!  The learning curve is all about the Eclips and learning about SVG graphic files – which are new to me, but I love learning!  Here’s what I pulled together from my first attempt:

etched-cabs-9-14    sizzix-eclips

Neo-news:  The babies are getting so big, playful and fun!  Next week will be all about vet visits and making arrangements for some to move on to their new homes … Sad smile  But in the meantime, I have pictures:

Mack Francesca-yawning Eva

WWU – last weekend was overall nice (minus one life-saving enema).  I was loving the little sliver of a moon!  Here’s hoping this weekend ‘moves along smoothly’ … [Ba-dum-bump!]

sliver moon

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