Month: October 2012

WWU–the ‘Numbers’ Weekend …

Too many of my cases this weekend were about chasing numbers: dangerously low levels (potassium AND glucose – separate patients); dangerously high levels (alcohol AND drug); correctly predicting and reporting the number of hours someone would need to be monitored through the… Read More

A beautiful day …

So … what’d you do today?  I spent this beautiful Indian Summer day playing in the studio with the windows and door wall open … HEAVEN!  I also cleaned – a little (umm – not much). Spent a bit of time taking… Read More


More experiments going on in the studio.  This one, while not a success on the pleasing color scale … I think its worth playing with ‘boiling glass’ again: Continuing on with the ‘dookey’ theme … WWU: Admitting complaint =‘Seizure’  Discharged diagnosis=CONSTIPATION(!) …… Read More

Possibilities …

Have spent a good amount of time learning the ins-and-outs of CorelDRAW, vectors, masks, more advanced photo-manipulation, filters … ‘til I thought my head might spin.  But it’s all good.  It’s ruminating around in there and I’ll eventually figure it all out…. Read More

Have I mentioned? …

I LOVE MY STUDIO!!!  I told DH ‘I’ll see you on Saturday’ … and I was only half-joking! My plotter has arrived, she’s installed and after 5 days of confusion, electronic and software grief … she’s up and running.  I LOVE IT!!! … Read More

I’m going to have a GREAT WEEK!

Had a great time at the wedding.  Gorgeous folks, lots of friends, good times! (and us …) My ongoing subpoena saga – the case has been delayed again!  Woohoo!  New summons will be issued … which means the county boys get to… Read More

Stolen studio time …

What a week!  But, I don’t have to work tomorrow (friend’s wedding) – AND I was able to carve out some studio time (it’s what insomniacs do) … so, a good week!  [Throw in an unexpected visit to my grandparents, two ‘fast… Read More

The never ending subpoena –

is now set for next week (!) … Sooo – I was available to attend the DARN SANE meeting!  By the time I got home, I was completely bummed and disliking people.  Needing a fix – I spent the afternoon playing with… Read More