I’m going to have a GREAT WEEK!

Had a great time at the wedding.  Gorgeous folks, lots of friends, good times! (and us …)


My ongoing subpoena saga – the case has been delayed again!  Woohoo!  New summons will be issued … which means the county boys get to track me down again!   But, it also means I don’t have to be up and moving in a presentable, pleasant fashion later this morning!  YAY!!!

So I can play in the studio.  I have some different ideas with dichro cabs I’m in the process of working out.  We also tried sand blasting and glass chalk … it didn’t work, but you’ve got to take that first step sometime … (pre and post firing)

sandblasted-glass-chalk-tri fused-glass-chalk-experimen

My current dichro cabs have all gone through round one of firing and are now ready for grinding, shaping, re-firing, finishing and fire polishing.  Smile


WWU:  All I can say is THANK GOD I only had to work one day this past weekend.  Two words: FUNGAL MENINGITIS … WTH!  Who’s idea was that?!? Makes the H1N1 scare look like a party (cuz that one had the really cool plastic bubble tent room, after all) …


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