Stolen studio time …

What a week!  But, I don’t have to work tomorrow (friend’s wedding) – AND I was able to carve out some studio time (it’s what insomniacs do) … so, a good week!  [Throw in an unexpected visit to my grandparents, two ‘fast food’ meals – YUM!!!, and home made Nacho’s – loaded, of course!]

I’m loving my new ‘technique’ for dichro cabs/badge reels.  So much, it’s got the ideas flowing (hence, SOME of the insomnia).  Here’s the first load ready for firing:

dichro-cabs-ready-for-firin    latest-dichro-cabs

and what I worked on tonight (BTW – my calculations have the baby kiln running for the next 4 days – LOVE THAT!!!):


Next week will be just as ‘fun-filled’ – but you know, I love stress!  Smile And, DH and I upgraded our phones (Droid Razr Maxx – if you’re curious) … different enough from our last smart phones, so that we have a (BIG) learning curve ahead, but it’s all good!  I love internet searches for ‘support’ and YouTube videos …  Winking smile

droid razr maxx

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