The never ending subpoena –

is now set for next week (!) … Sooo – I was available to attend the DARN SANE meeting!  By the time I got home, I was completely bummed and disliking people.  Needing a fix – I spent the afternoon playing with puppies, in the sunshine and beautiful fall colors:



And Mighty Zeus was ‘keeping watch’ on me and the gang (BTW – that ridiculous collar is DH’s idea of ‘manly-sexy’ … ??? … poor Zeus!):

Zeus102012    ZeusOct2012

Played with some dye-sub.  Made a new mug (continuing with the Neapolitan Mastiff theme) … I like ‘em!


Now, locked in my studio and feeling a bit more upbeat – I am ready to play with glass! Smile  (And, we’re NOT talking about the full moon we had this past weekend or how it [apparently] affected our ER patients!)

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