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The never ending subpoena –

is now set for next week (!) … Sooo – I was available to attend the DARN SANE meeting!  By the time I got home, I was completely bummed and disliking people.  Needing a fix – I spent the afternoon playing with… Read More

It’s all about priorities …

New AC unit/central air or a table top kiln???  Hmmm … well, the new kiln will (hopefully) be here next week! Cuz, ya know, it’s good to sweat – cleanses the pores, holistically rids the body of toxins, or something like that… Read More

Slight detour …

Spent the afternoon putting together a ‘lil scrapbook … all dye-sub style.  We have yet another Doc leaving us, and I needed to let her know she’ll be missed greatly! Yesterday I was cruising along pretty well with putting together my mosaic load… Read More

WWU … Can’t we all just get along???

I’m an ER nurse.  That makes me a member of the ‘human services’ field – much like law enforcement, DHS (Dept of Health/Human Services; Child Protective Services; Community Mental Health; social workers), EMS, central dispatch, etc.  As such, there are things (situations,… Read More


Sometimes you get lucky … and capture a pretty cool shot.  At least for me, that’s what it feels like – complete luck.  Is this not a way-cool picture?  It’s my completed FAMILY sun catcher against a threatening Michigan sky …  You… Read More

A comparison … (AKA Weekend wrap up)

Recently saw PBR (Professional Bull Riding) for the first time … My Golly!  Those guys can handle some pain!  It’s insane, what they endure in the name of making a living … But, we could all learn a thing or two from… Read More

Happy Anniversary

So today marks the day … 21 years ago, two really dumb kids tied the knot.  Who knew … 2+ decades, 3 houses (and one run-down apartment), 4 kids, several hobbies, and too many dogs/puppies to list later … and I’m still… Read More

Weekend wrap up … Bum!

Didn’t make it to work this weekend … so no whining to be done. Hold on a second – I can always whine about something.  I know, I can share a ‘reserve’ story … You know you’re a momma’s boy if:  You’re… Read More

To every thing … (AKA weekend wrap up)

there is a season … Time to move on?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  I really don’t like change, but … Had a few interesting things come up (out?) this weekend:  Delivered our first baby in our ER.  Yep, in the middle of… Read More

Up, down, up, down

Up at 9p yesterday, back to sleep at 5am.  Airport runs and errands, then back to my ‘own schedule’ for a day or two (while being on-call, so who knows …?)  Then up at 6am (did I say A.M. ?!?) on Friday… Read More