WWU … Can’t we all just get along???

I’m an ER nurse.  That makes me a member of the ‘human services’ field – much like law enforcement, DHS (Dept of Health/Human Services; Child Protective Services; Community Mental Health; social workers), EMS, central dispatch, etc.  As such, there are things (situations, issues, complaints, statements) that cannot be ignored … The “right” things are said, the warning-bells go off, action must occur …

It can be UNBELIEVABLY frustrating when this calls for cooperation amongst services.  We had that this weekend.  In these situations, the ER becomes reliant upon some/all of these other services to do their job.  When that doesn’t happen, the ER has to demand they do their job.  Even if it means the ER staff (often, that would be the persistent, annoying, dog-with-a-bone ER nurse … ummm, ME! ) becomes the squeaky wheel, climbing the chain(s) of command, waking davidandgoliathsleeping bosses, helping develop back-up plans C, D, E and F to provide the necessary services.  I can’t begin to explain how time-consuming, exasperating and mentally draining this process can be through the middle of the night … I was a strong [patient] advocate this weekend.  I believe I did right by my patients.  I don’t think I made any new friends in the human services field, though … 

Studio news:  The flooring, cabinets and counter tops are purchased for the new studio.  The next few weeks will be busy-busy painting and installing stuff.  The fun part for me is that I get to squeeze in an additional 24 hours of mandatory work in-services over the next two weeks, too!  Can’t wait!

I think, for now, I will be combining my current (glass) shops with dye-sub (vs. opening a new shop).  So, I’ll spend some off-time (HA!!) this week (?) listing mugs, coasters and night lights in both shops

But for now – it’s time to let go of my weekend-wounds, rest up and shift gears …

shifting gears

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