Month: September 2011

Crummy – but working on it …

Had a first for my little rural county last night … 2 back-to-back SANE calls from unrelated assaults.  Our program provides treatment for rape victims 13 yrs old/older.  Both of my patients met criteria, but barely … OMG!  What is going on with… Read More

Good Cop/Bad Cop … AKA WWU

While I had many patients this weekend – some sweet, cute and/or overall pleasant – I also took part in the care of an out-of-control teenage behavioral-medicine patient … Of course, that’s the one that won’t leave my head.  Very sad.  Due… Read More

New projects unveiled …

So – here it is … I can take your digital photo and turn it into glass jewelry … IN COLOR!  Here’s what I did for a friend – a badge reel and magnet of her baby, Miss Molly!    And here… Read More

Moving Right Along …

A good, productive day.  Plan C looks to be working – should be able to share some photos soon.  Got most of the work competencies done [heavy sigh].  And, I’m getting pretty good at this wire-wrapping stuff, if I do say so… Read More

Baby steps …

I’m slowly redesigning, reworking and correcting my studio mishaps.  An idea that I thought was a slam-dunk (no design flaws) is proving to be a challenge … so I’m workin’ it!  Plan B failed, I’m trying plan C now – and I… Read More

And then there’s Monday … WWU

Gone is the contentment, bottled or otherwise … What a crummy weekend.  Volume wasn’t out of control, no ‘major’ patients (i.e. really sick) … but YUCK!  Drama, drama, drama … and a bit of it was mine.  I was shorter-fused than I… Read More

It’s all coming together …

I love this frame of mind … I wish I could bottle it!  Positive energy, lots of creativity and productivity … Life is good! DH performed emergent, life-saving ‘surgery’ on Dear Old Grinder.  She’s back!  And with a new 1 inch coarse… Read More

Arrrrgh … Houston!

We have (another) problem … While grinding away at my ornament pieces – my grinder died.  Well – not died, exactly – but it’s terminally ill.  Work slowed way down in the studio after that … So, I did some painting.  Had… Read More

WWU … gotta love those full moon weekends

While I was struggling with 20-somethings and difficult people this weekend … folks were tearing up the internet pages at Etsy … apparently Christmas shopping has begun!  Which is very cool.  I will try to focus on that – in the back… Read More

Dichro/Ornament Central

So … it’s been a good week!  I’ve been a busy little elf … prepping and cooking glass.  FINALLY finished up some dichro cabs … ready for badge reels and photography.  I’m also playing with some permanent-fuse decals that I’ve had for… Read More