Arrrrgh … Houston!

We have (another) problem … While grinding away at my ornament pieces – my grinder died.  Well – not died, exactly – but it’s terminally ill.  Work slowed way down in the studio after that …

So, I did some painting.  Had an experiment flop.  Played with photo manipulation.  Loaded the production kiln with the latest batch of badge reels for the fire polish/fuse-decals round.  Painted platinum accents on some pieces (no photo).  Loaded the coffin with the ornaments that I do have ready for assembly …

But – before I show off the photos … DH made an annoying point tonight.  He asked why I was PAINTING images that I could easily (and quickly) print on the laser printer.  Hmmm … as I didn’t really have a great answer for him – I gave him my stern ‘this is not up for debate’ look.  But now he’s got me thinking … Since I can do this with photos (future badge reel for a friend), thus can easily enlarge to make ornaments, is it worth all the time of painting?  Only time will tell, I guess.  But, for now, I enjoy the painting, so …

grinch-ornaments   molly

Here are the other photos mentioned above …

 snowflake-flop fancy-badge-reels ornaments-in-coffin

Now, my fingers hurt from working with the sick grinder … Tomorrow, I’ll pick up a new grinder and start fresh!

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