It’s all coming together …

I love this frame of mind … I wish I could bottle it!  Positive energy, lots of creativity and productivity … Life is good!

DH performed emergent, life-saving ‘surgery’ on Dear Old Grinder.  She’s back!  And with a new 1 inch coarse grit bit – we’re moving through glass like a hot knife through butter!  It’s so much easier to use.  I told DH I’m going to change out bits once a month!  (For non-glass people – that would be like changing to a new tooth brush 3 times a day …) Smile

Spent a couple of days designing new ornament and badge reel ideas … Now to get them going.  And my platinum cabs came out well – especially for my first try.  Here’s the snowflake experiment flop.  Not sure what I’m going to do with the dumbbells (on the right), but the snowflake is almost cute …

dichro-platinum-cabs  snowflake-and-dumbbell

The new studio is progressing.  And – brat that I am, I’ll be getting a new deck on the back of the studio.  8’x24’ of coffee-sipping-while-enjoying-nature area … and additional storage/usable space!  (While it’s true that I am a brat – the reason behind the deck is for ease/safety of moving and removing large items into the 2nd story with the forklift.)  DH has purchased the lumber for the deck and that’s next on the to-do list.

And finally … I’ve accepted the position at the sister ER.  While I still have moments of anxiety over this decision, I’m looking forward to what changes life will bring …


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