And then there’s Monday … WWU

Gone is the contentment, bottled or otherwise … What a crummy weekend.  Volume wasn’t out of control, no ‘major’ patients (i.e. really sick) … but YUCK!  Drama, drama, drama … and a bit of it was mine.  I was shorter-fused than I should be with … people (we’ll leave it at that).  Then I got annoyed with myself for getting angry.  I’ll spend the week working on my mental outlook … 

kiln-workMeanwhile – the studio is also adding to my frustration … Had some overcooking going on in the kiln.  Pieces that I had looking great now need to be reworked.  I’m struggling with myself, trying to get things finished and listed.  Time to take a deep breath and remember this is a hobby!  The good news/bad news is that I got out of providing an in-service to local law enforcement RE: the services available for rape victims in our county.  Good news – because I don’t have to be up and smiling at 8am tomorrow, thus have more studio time.  But bad news as any lost chance to educate SANE services is a bummer.

I’ll leave with a cute pic of our CJ … she was hanging out with DH, watching TV, just waiting to get her belly rubbedSmile


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