Baby steps …

I’m slowly redesigning, reworking and correcting my studio mishaps.  An idea that I thought was a slam-dunk (no design flaws) is proving to be a challenge … so I’m workin’ it!  Plan B failed, I’m trying plan C now – and I have a back up plan in case that’s a bust too!

Of course, I can’t take all the credit for my change in outlook.  A therapeutic shopping spree helped (me – not my bank account) … And – I am almost ready to spend yet more money, and take the plunge into the Cadillac of glass paints – but I have more research first …

In between ‘therapy’ … I took more photos and got some much needed computer work done (drafts and listings for the shops). 

dragonfly badge reelCeltic Ice - badge reelSummer Bouquet badge reel

Holly ornamentPenguin ornamentDichroic Tree ornament

I even plan to get some mandatory computer (work)  competencies done – once I open a bottle of wine.

giant bottle of wine

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