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Listings are good …

It means I’m producing!  Here’s my finished Welcome Yoda sun-catcher/sign … Not bad – I like it, and I know what I will do differently next time: And iridescent platters (Yay!):   And more dichro badge reels:      Of course, it also… Read More

Baby steps …

I’m slowly redesigning, reworking and correcting my studio mishaps.  An idea that I thought was a slam-dunk (no design flaws) is proving to be a challenge … so I’m workin’ it!  Plan B failed, I’m trying plan C now – and I… Read More

Dichro/Ornament Central

So … it’s been a good week!  I’ve been a busy little elf … prepping and cooking glass.  FINALLY finished up some dichro cabs … ready for badge reels and photography.  I’m also playing with some permanent-fuse decals that I’ve had for… Read More

Ideas, hamsters and crack … Studio update

Getting closer to putting out some new bowls and badge reels … both kilns running as I type.  Here’s the coffin loaded with a de-bubble run – future fall/Halloween bowls, a replacement ‘Caribbean’ and ‘Think Spring’ (vibrant, blooming-flower colors), and another large… Read More

‘Just’ Good Care … AKA weekend wrap up

Played in the sister ER again this weekend.  Amazing to me the difference a few short miles can make … different patient attitudes, complaints – general auras … Also got to do a little bit of what I do well …  Had… Read More


Sometimes you get lucky … and capture a pretty cool shot.  At least for me, that’s what it feels like – complete luck.  Is this not a way-cool picture?  It’s my completed FAMILY sun catcher against a threatening Michigan sky …  You… Read More

Summer Nights and DARN SANE

Weekend update:  Just another drunk summer weekend … We had lots of alcohol-involved visits.  Probably made the new computer program transition more bearable for the patients.  Kind of wish I could have been inebriated too (darn computers anyway), but … a great… Read More

Busy, busy, busy …

I got a few things done in the studio this week … not as much as I’d like.  My dichro badge reels are running in the kiln as I type.  Got some 45+ bottles de-labeled and sanitized …  I received a new… Read More

Happy Memorial Day …

I could do a lot of (justified) whining and griping about this weekend … but why bother?  It doesn’t change anything … So – instead … I will wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day(!) … be thankful for so many things …… Read More