Sometimes you get lucky … and capture a pretty cool shot.  At least for me, that’s what it feels like – complete luck.  Is this not a way-cool picture?  It’s my completed FAMILY sun catcher against a threatening Michigan sky …  You can see the item listed in my shop here.


I didn’t have to edit it or anything.  Although, I am getting better at manipulating images (which is a needed skill for my dye-sub ….)  Not bad, eh?

      cleaned up      original

Meanwhile – studio news:  I’ve spent some more time playing with the dye-sub than the glass – but I’m having fun, so that’s what’s important … I live in mega-big t-shirts through the week, so I had some fun using my cheater-method dye-sub, making more interesting shirts for me to wear; marble coaster tile sets (Yorkies and Coffee themed), a dragonfly coaster and an ornament of Sophia.  I’m still learning, as sometimes the image presses clearly, other times not so much … trying to pick apart what I did differently, what I’m missing …

 chneostshirt CHStshirt FPDtshirt



And I continue with the dichro cabs for my next batch of dichroic badge reels.  My large dichro experiment – yeah, not so great.  But here’s a picture.  I think I’m done ‘playing’ with it, and I’ll just put clock parts on it and call it my studio clock …

       new-cabs      future-clock

Gearing up to do a large commissioned order for glass bowls.  Will have the production kiln working over-drive again … Smile


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