Month: July 2011

Up, down, up, down

Up at 9p yesterday, back to sleep at 5am.  Airport runs and errands, then back to my ‘own schedule’ for a day or two (while being on-call, so who knows …?)  Then up at 6am (did I say A.M. ?!?) on Friday… Read More

Welcome home and weekend wrap-up

The twins came home from camp … missed us so much they took 10 steps in the door, dropped their laundry and ‘stuff’ in the middle of the entry and plopped down on the couch in front of the TV … Are… Read More

Heat wave … and other news

Got a reprieve from the electric company … maybe they felt bad for me?  With the kilns kicking, I’ve got to be a good customer, right?  Anyway – power’s back on as of Tuesday night!  YAY!!  I spent some time realizing I… Read More

In the dark …

Have been without power since Monday afternoon … This bites – but I’m trying to tell myself to see the adventure in it … Yeah, not so much. We are fortunate enough that we still have some power (enough to keep the… Read More

Karate Kid–part IV … weekend wrap up

That’s the take home visual for the weekend … Here’s the scene:  3 nurses trying to catheterize a centurion female (100+ years old!) patient for a urine sample.  One might assume, due to her age she would have decreased mobility and flexibility! … Read More

They say the 1st is the toughest …

So true …  But – it’s finally done!  My glass mobile … After working through some production difficulties, and spending time learning the fine-art of beading wire (with my hand cramping up too many times to count!) … it’s hanging outside the … Read More

Babies’ Birthday

Had some fun with the birthday kids (the twins) the other day.  I have my son convinced [and dreading the fact] that he’s getting a sewing machine and my daughter is getting a tow bar (a ‘man-gift’ … I panicked and that’s… Read More

An experiment …

I’ve spent some time (yeah, ok, hours and HOURS) researching and learning about dye-sublimation … what you can do, and what you’re not supposed to be able to do … I love bending the rules – if it works. You’re not supposed… Read More

The lists … now and later

Up at 5:30 this morning, armed with coffee and bagel … ready to plan for the ‘week’.  The twins (my babies) turn 14 this week.  And leave for camp this weekend.  So shopping and packing top the list.  Mattie’s babies are moving… Read More

Raindrops on roses … helps the medicine go down (?)

Week-end wrap-up: Some light moments scattered within are what got me through this weekend … While pretty painful during the process – now that I’ve survived it, we had some comical scenes.  Lots of unnecessary drama (WHAT IS IT with 20-somethings, anyway???) … Read More