Babies’ Birthday

Had some fun with the birthday kids (the twins) the other day.  I have my son convinced [and dreading the fact] that he’s getting a sewing machine and my daughter is getting a tow bar (a ‘man-gift’ … I panicked and that’s all I could come up with on the spot) for their birthday … I went into some long tirade on the importance of my children not being stereotyped into certain roles … I knew I had them when their eyes glazed over, tuning me out as only teenagers can do.  Smile  You’ve got to have your fun somewhere, right?

bvsInstead, they will get what they’ve asked for … video games, another MP3 (broke the last one, grrr!) and DVD’s … The entire 7 seasons of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’  (WTH!?) … It’s what she wanted, and will free up the DVR – so I’m happy too!

ice cream cakeWe’ll take them to their favorite restaurant for birthday dinner today (since I’m working on their birthday) … a nice family night out – and I don’t have to cook!  (Double Bonus!)  We’ll wrap it all up with ice cream cake …

BTW – my baby blanket experiment … it WORKED!  Hmmhmphf!  Smile  I rock (- ok, my research rocks, but still!) … I can now customize a whole lot of fabrics (t-shirts, blankets, etc.) that I couldn’t before … Sweet!

And, I took advantage of our cooler temperatures last night to run the kilns for the first time all week.  More mobile toppers (since I ruined the last), letters and medallions … Just waiting for the kilns to cool down, before I reload with my next round of bottle experiments … fingers crossed!

fingers crossed

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