An experiment …

I’ve spent some time (yeah, ok, hours and HOURS) researching and learning about dye-sublimation … what you can do, and what you’re not supposed to be able to do … I love bending the rules – if it works.

dyesub-blanketYou’re not supposed to be able to permanently sublimate articles of clothing/material unless it has received a special (costly!) magic coating … HA!  I have found a magic coating (hairspray, no less!) that seems to be working.  I’ve made a trial blanket for baby.  It’s in the wash now, so we’ll see – but this is what it looked like before going into the laundry.  After washing, the ‘press lines’ should disappear.  Here’s hoping the image doesn’t too …

Ideally – being a gift, I wouldn’t have to wash it, but … sometimes you’ve just got to bend the rules.  If it doesn’t work, that’s okay too, as I had some fun in the baby department, picking up a little of this and some more of that to make a gift basket.


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