Warning – Stay Away at the moment!!!

It’s not safe up in here at this time!!  I’m cussing like a sailor and ready to take my frustrations of all things electronic out on anything that moves!!! 2.5 hours … 150 minutes of fighting with the wi-fi, my computer, my… Read More

Slight detour …

Spent the afternoon putting together a ‘lil scrapbook … all dye-sub style.  We have yet another Doc leaving us, and I needed to let her know she’ll be missed greatly! Yesterday I was cruising along pretty well with putting together my mosaic load… Read More

He’s a little bit country, a little bit Fred Sanford …

But, I’ll keep him.  This is the view as I pull up my driveway right now … Umm, ok.  Doesn’t everyone have a hot tub in their FRONT YARD?  No … only SPECIAL  people???  Like ME!?!  The really cool news is DH… Read More

Ahhh– I like …

Tonight marks the first time I’ve been in the studio for a week.  The upside – we had a great, all-be-it just a tad late Christmas with my dad, my house is CLEAN, and I have the next 3 days for nothing… Read More


Sometimes you get lucky … and capture a pretty cool shot.  At least for me, that’s what it feels like – complete luck.  Is this not a way-cool picture?  It’s my completed FAMILY sun catcher against a threatening Michigan sky …  You… Read More

A comparison … (AKA Weekend wrap up)

Recently saw PBR (Professional Bull Riding) for the first time … My Golly!  Those guys can handle some pain!  It’s insane, what they endure in the name of making a living … But, we could all learn a thing or two from… Read More

Happy Anniversary

So today marks the day … 21 years ago, two really dumb kids tied the knot.  Who knew … 2+ decades, 3 houses (and one run-down apartment), 4 kids, several hobbies, and too many dogs/puppies to list later … and I’m still… Read More

Weekend wrap up … Bum!

Didn’t make it to work this weekend … so no whining to be done. Hold on a second – I can always whine about something.  I know, I can share a ‘reserve’ story … You know you’re a momma’s boy if:  You’re… Read More

Up, down, up, down

Up at 9p yesterday, back to sleep at 5am.  Airport runs and errands, then back to my ‘own schedule’ for a day or two (while being on-call, so who knows …?)  Then up at 6am (did I say A.M. ?!?) on Friday… Read More

Heat wave … and other news

Got a reprieve from the electric company … maybe they felt bad for me?  With the kilns kicking, I’ve got to be a good customer, right?  Anyway – power’s back on as of Tuesday night!  YAY!!  I spent some time realizing I… Read More