Slight detour …

Spent the afternoon putting together a ‘lil scrapbook … all dye-sub style.  We have yet another Doc leaving us, and I needed to let her know she’ll be missed greatly!


Yesterday I was cruising along pretty well with putting together my mosaic load … a couple of rose plates:

mosaic-heart-plate-I    rose-mosaic-plate

And an iridescent patriotic night light … should be cute:

irid-patriotic-nite-lite    irid-nite-lite

Had some disappointment with my latest jewelry load.  I’ve had a few capped pieces come out all cloudy like this … I’m bummed, as this was my latest etching-on-glass attempt.  I’ve been using Wissmach to cap, but I think I may remove it from my inventory.  Has anyone else had a problem with their thin clear streaking/clouding?

dichro-jewelry     cloudy-streaking

Anyway … hope to work a bit more in the studio tonight, but now I need to run up to the ER to catch my Doc during her last shift …


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