Must have needed it …

I slept 15 hours.  Hmm – I must have needed it!

napa cabbage saladWWU:  Summer busy, without the pretty weather.  Nothing major, just lots of volume, and a little full-moon-crazy thrown in for fun.  But – I did discover ‘Cabbage Crack’ – and I’m in love … OK, so it’s officially called Napa Cabbage Salad, and yes, I realize the recipe has been around for awhile, but I hadn’t tried it before … So in-love, I put my own version together and had some for breakfast.

butterfly-wind-chime-projecNow, armed with coffee, I’m in my studio planning for the week.  I hope to get the coffin loaded with that blank-to-bowl slumping run.  I need to ‘whip together’ a few more pieces to go with my peacock platter, as it won’t fit in my production kiln (BUMMER!), so I’ll need to load the coffin with pieces taken to just that (the right) temperature … I want to keep moving with some jewelry and dichro ideas.  And, I think I’ll make a wind-chime out of my butterfly mosaic – something like this.

Time to get busy.  Hmm – maybe it’s time for Adele …???  I’ll leave with a photo of Tunie, who loves playing ‘ball’ so much, she even recognizes the word when we S.P.E.L.L it – the little stinker!  Smile


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