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Some re-stocking, stolen studio time … and T-3

Just 3 days before our Ribbon-Cutting ceremony/2nd Grand Opening … So exciting!  There will be champagne, cupcakes, door prizes … and healthy people!  Come on out to Zen Artisan Boutique this Saturday, 4/16/16!  [Meanwhile, a special THANK YOU to ALL who made… Read More

Must have needed it …

I slept 15 hours.  Hmm – I must have needed it! WWU:  Summer busy, without the pretty weather.  Nothing major, just lots of volume, and a little full-moon-crazy thrown in for fun.  But – I did discover ‘Cabbage Crack’ – and I’m… Read More

Finally …

Finally have the kiln running on a regular basis … oh how I love this!  In between quick projects, I am working on more complex pieces.  And – I have a Valentine’s Day idea or two I’d better get working on… Meanwhile… Read More