Some re-stocking, stolen studio time … and T-3

Just 3 days before our Ribbon-Cutting ceremony/2nd Grand Opening … So exciting!  There will be champagne, cupcakes, door prizes … and healthy people!  Come on out to Zen Artisan Boutique this Saturday, 4/16/16!  [Meanwhile, a special THANK YOU to ALL who made our first grand-opening weekend so successful!!!]

Ribbon Cutting Grand Opening   grand-opening-give-away

I am hoping to drop in before my nursing tour this Saturday – if I can get healthy again.  I’m presently fighting off a mutant strain of an especially potent illness known as Lederhosen-Canadian Flu … a particularly gnarly strain created by my co-workers.  Or maybe it is simply this year’s version of the (URI variety) flu.  Please don’t make me get any more dramatically descriptive than that, as I fear my fingers may snap off from the continuous tetany-esque rigors (Tetanus-like chills) whilst my brain continues to liquefy and ooze out of my sinus passages …  But – do not fret!  I am currently home-treating with every ER nursing cure/back-woods-concoction/wives-tale remedy that I’m aware of …  And, I promise not to stop into the Boutique if I am not well!

In the meantime, I’m crunching numbers.  Yes, it’s last minute tax-preparation.  Yesss, I said I would NOT wait THIS long to get ready.  NOO – it’s NOT the best idea to play accountant when enveloped in a viral haze … But – it’s what I’m doing.

I’m also stealing studio time.  Because, I keep a vial, bottle, umm … JUG of MEDICINE in my studio refrigerator … Anyway – I’m in the studio.  So, I’m making a few new night-lights,  mini-MINI-hot cabs, and dichroic donut necklaces  …




Next up, a bit of thinfire/enamel play, some screen-printing projects, more poppy designs, and sand-blasting … Arrgh!  Winking smile

Ending with total cuteness, and bringing up the rear … Meet Rollo – our last available pup.  Who continues to live the high-life with his sister, our own [ClaytonHills] Thoretta Wanda Blue (photos to come, I’m certain), as his litter-mates prepare to journey to their new homes (NJ, NH, FL, CA, CO, PA and Ontario) … Here he is with his mom, Blondie!



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