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Just Me, Chloe and the Studio Crew …

Sent the last of our pups off today.  Always a day of mixed emotions … So, I’m playing in the studio, with the music loud, while Chloe terrorizes plays with her Yorkie siblings. Working on some pendant pieces.  I took my cabs… Read More

Cabbage-Fest …

Cabbage-fest has officially begun!  We cut into our Dutch Flathead this week.  Made the (Emeril) side dish – which I didn’t love, along with a huge pot of Smoked Sausage & Cabbage Soup – modified for my allergies … Which I do… Read More

Some re-stocking, stolen studio time … and T-3

Just 3 days before our Ribbon-Cutting ceremony/2nd Grand Opening … So exciting!  There will be champagne, cupcakes, door prizes … and healthy people!  Come on out to Zen Artisan Boutique this Saturday, 4/16/16!  [Meanwhile, a special THANK YOU to ALL who made… Read More

Wet Room … and THANK YOU!

But first, my scenic cabs.  It takes 5 firings to move these bad boys from start to finish.  And, while I learned some skills and like a few of them, these just aren’t my cup of tea, overall … So, I’m not… Read More

Who says I can’t …

As I’ve been playing with glass enamels lately – and seeing how they work with oils vs. water mediums – I had the ‘opportunity’ to work with lavender and clove oil.  They sound pleasant, don’t they?  Or at least harmless and aromatic. … Read More