Just Me, Chloe and the Studio Crew …

Sent the last of our pups off today.  Always a day of mixed emotions … So, I’m playing in the studio, with the music loud, while Chloe terrorizes plays with her Yorkie siblings.

Working on some pendant pieces.  I took my cabs from the last post, decided they were just too thick – so I full fused them.  Now, I feel they’ve lost some detail and (obviously) depth.  I’ll work on it to find a happy middle ground.


But – I love these!  The interesting thing – so does DH.  “I’d wear it, pink and all …”  Wow!  I do believe that is one of the nicest compliments he has given me! Smile


I’m also pretty pleased with this one.  Now I need to figure out which type of bail I want to go with … Hmmm


My tile saw and I have reached a level of comfort – mainly because my fingers get nervous … So I took the ‘tails’ (the point where I’m starting to feel like my fingers are too close to the blade), combined them to make another sheet.  Ha!  And – I kind of like these wee bits (~1.5 inches) as potential cabs themselves … We’ll see.

saw-tails-fused-new  saw-tails

Meanwhile, more ‘sheet’ parts headed for the kiln & saw …


Since the Doc said to go ahead and work the broken wing (my arm) – I’m giving her all she’s got.  And, she is letting me know it!  Lucky me, I have physical therapy tomorrow!  Yay tennis ball massage!!! Winking smile

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