Good news, bad news, good news …

So, yea – you get the gist.   Good news – my elbow is cleared for PT; Bad news –  I’m not a huge fan of PT.  It’s like paying for an exercise club – but instead dues are 3x the cost, due every visit.  No, you don’t get a massage included – instead, we’re going to lend you this used-tennis-ball, and have you massage your own elbow as part of your treatment … “Um, that will be $35, please.”

Good news – my family is all in good health.  Bad news:  My son was in a car accident (his 3rd in 3 months) …

Good news – my son is ok (and it was a single car accident); Bcut-and-beveledad news:  My son totaled the family vehicle (SUV) …

Good news – DH has a lead on another family vehicle; Bad news –  I’m on short term disability … Replacing cars is not part of the monthly budget!

Good news – my elbow is cleared for studio work;  Good news – I’m making pendants and part-sheets!


2 Comments on “Good news, bad news, good news …”

  1. Instead of PT, I went to an exercise club and engaged a personal trainer 3X/week for 6 months, to address a “frozen shoulder” (after an acromyoplasty). It was more work (for me) than PT would have been, but the outcome was nothing short of spectacular: I regained full use of my arm/shoulder again. The only thing indicating there ever had been surgery is the scar.

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  2. Exactly Anneke – I would be much more inclined to join a gym with a trainer … I assume i would be feeling a bit more worked out and part of the team – vs. this laid-back Valium-level-cheering squad. I’m not saying PT doesn’t have their place, but a stiff/quasi-frozen joint does not excite them. Combine their lack of enthusiasm with my per-visit-bill … well, I’m not thrilled either.
    BTW – glad to hear you got your shoulder back!


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