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Today is the Day!

… I think(!)  … Maybe … Yes!!!  I’ve been wanting to play with the torch and making my own murrini for a while now.  I’m just about ready …  So – this is it! … … AFTER physical therapy! [Arrrgghh! – my… Read More

Pendant-Making-Friday …

Well, because I can!  I’ve been fiddling with these all week.  While making more components and parts …   DH seems to think I should make some type of ‘ocean scene’ … Hmmm But, I’m being nice as the poor guy turns… Read More

Good news, bad news, good news …

So, yea – you get the gist.   Good news – my elbow is cleared for PT; Bad news –  I’m not a huge fan of PT.  It’s like paying for an exercise club – but instead dues are 3x the cost,… Read More