Today is the Day!

… I think(!)  … Maybe … Yes!!!  I’ve been torch-bench-murrini-prepwanting to play with the torch and making my own murrini for a while now.  I’m just about ready …  So – this is it! …

… AFTER physical therapy! [Arrrgghh! – my arm is already ACHING!]  But, I can do this.  And – I have to play with fire to start learning – so I can figure out what I’ll need to fix!  I’ve got some gorgeous colors prepared.   And – my fire extinguisher is close by …

In the meantime – I’ve got two kilns running (foil tiles x2, cabochon pieces, and a bespoke spoon rest).  I’ve drilled a few more pendant (pinch bail) holes and prepped some other cabs.  And – I bulk ordered a few (hundred) new pinch bails … I know … I KNOW!(!)  But, I NEEDED THEM!!!  [And – when I die, someone is gonna make out like a RAT{!} at my estate sale!]


I ALSO have my next two tiles ready to go … Along with a fire-polish round, a slumping round and a couple of other planned firings …


But first – SLEEP (- snuggle time with Chloe and the Yorks!), PT, and then … a new cycle of ‘Torch-MANIA’ …  “Say Goodnight Chloe!”  Winking smilegetting-sleepy

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