So – the funny thing is …

no-oxygenIt turns out, you can’t play with your torch if your OXYGEN tank is empty … Nope!  Doesn’t matter how much of that glass glob you place into your ‘hottest flame’ … This is what you get … And now, I am waiting on my (new) O2 tank arrival(!);  Meanwhile murrini is on hold!!!

But – I love me a new saw blade!  Yep, the new Taurus 3 blade is slicing through tiles like butter!  Arrgghh – if I ever win the LOTTO … !!!!

            11-down   turquoise-cloud-tile

It took me a while, but I eventually had 29 cabs laid out … I have 19 cut & shaped tonight.  I’ll have one heck of a kiln load for ‘fire-polishing’ SOON!


Meanwhile – DH and I are getting accustomed to Alexa.  I have the ‘Dot’ out here in the studio.  It’s neat and all, but … I’m not sure how I feel knowing some ‘smart-thing’ is listening to me ALL THE TIME … Like when I’m yelling at the glass for insubordination, or scolding my canine-kids for unauthorized accidents (poops)… ???


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