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Thank You!

Thanks to Bogie Lake Greenhouse, HVCA, our shoppers and my family for a great show this weekend!  We had a wonderful turnout, and true to ‘Arts N Greens’ tradition – some crazy Michigan weather just for the occasion! Our 2016 Clayton Hill… Read More

Tragedy … But, I’m Grateful …

And, still a BRAT! But for the grace of God … I could have lost my studio last Friday.  I had a kiln malfunction (I believe a relay got STUCK), and while I slept, and then worked – my kiln was running… Read More

Wet Room … and THANK YOU!

But first, my scenic cabs.  It takes 5 firings to move these bad boys from start to finish.  And, while I learned some skills and like a few of them, these just aren’t my cup of tea, overall … So, I’m not… Read More