Tragedy … But, I’m Grateful …

And, still a BRAT!

But for the grace of God … I could have lost my studio last Friday.  I had a kiln malfunction (I believe a relaymelted-mess got STUCK), and while I slept, and then worked – my kiln was running full-steam ahead for some 17+ hours.  It took 4 days to air-out the acrid smell.  (Fortunately, it was caught and the kiln was unplugged IN TIME …) I’ve created a forever-reminder object-d’art … That was a ceramic clay saucer, which is now coating, dripping and FULLY fused to my kiln shelf, along with the volcanic glass and stainless steel wires (which are brittle and breaking) …

My ‘old-reliable’ production kiln is toast.  FORTUNATELY, the melting of the kiln floor only went through about HALF of the fire bricks … WOWZER!


new-production-kilnSo … Brat that I am, I am now sporting a new Jen-Ken 15/6 (as I looked at every kiln available, and ultimately decided that this is the best buy for the money … depth, coils and size).  Here she is all kiln-washed and waiting … Thank You, Jesus!  And, Happy (early) Father’s Day to me!

So, busy weeks ahead!  I need to catch up on lost ‘production’ time (custom orders are in the works).  I’m still playing with beaded jewelry … and SOMEONE needs to pick up some over-time to pay for my ‘habit’!!!  [ER nursing in the summer – so much fun!]

tawny-male-pup[Meanwhile, DH and I went shopping for his Father’s day gift; the pups are all growing and getting cuter by the minute; the twins are well-fed and enjoying week one of Summer-vacation (= TOTAL BUMS); my garden needs weeding – I know! … I’m doing chain-maille again … I’m currently sporting my first pool-time-summer-color (burn!)  And, I’ll be bottling another 3 cases of Cherry Pinot Noir – umm, later today  … Life is GOOD!!!]


2 Comments on “Tragedy … But, I’m Grateful …”

  1. My kiln did this to me a while back, although not quite as dramatic as yours! Relays are not our friends sometimes. One of the best things that I did for my sanity was to purchase a DLink camera (similar to a baby monitor) for about $55 from Amazon. I can check on my kilns anytime they are running – whether I’m upstairs or down the street, as long as I have internet access, I can check on temperatures. I sleep much better now and I love not having to go downstairs every time I want to check things out. Enjoy your new JenKen!


    • Thanks Bridget. The camera sounds like a reassuring fix! My dilemma is the reliable internet connection out in the studio – but once I get that tweaked and steady …


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