Month: May 2015

Relentless, tenacious perseverance pays off …

Sure it does … Or it makes me a Magatama-Master … Or, maybe just mulish and crazy!  But – after reloading those darn 8 strings some 32 times … I win!  Thank goodness for QUICK projects!!! [Snarl!] So, those tiny little buggers… Read More

Busy, busy … Good!

Holiday weekends sure are busy!  But overall good!  I have highlights: We have puppies!  (Of course it meant a long sleepless period … but look at those faces!!!) Momma Izz (Isabella) is doing great, eating and sleeping like a champ and her… Read More

Funk, funk … Date Night!

A crummy weekend work-tour; a mandatory in-service that outlines dreaded documentation changes coming my way*.  Add lots of angry kiln-Gods in the studio recently, and it sure would be easy to feel blue.  Nope, I’ve got a date with my youngest daughter.  Yep… Read More

Three kilns running, ideas flowing …

Prep work done … AND surrounded by half of my ‘Dwarf Clan’ (the Yorkies … all seizure-free and healthy – Thank You Very Much!!!) … Here’s ‘Buubbby’ (Chauncey), with his much-loved/hoarded dental bone!  Callie, Nora and ‘Meems’ (Mimi) are sleeping [with one eye… Read More

Rocky starts, baby steps and moving forward …

Finally figured out (after three tries!) why my ‘crackle with image’ pieces were not working … DOH!  But, I think I have it now (kiln at 900 degrees – I just have to wait and see)!      So, while I wait, I’m… Read More