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Cuteness Overload!

So, I’ll start with the bulldog puppies.  Even after diving into some home-made yogurt (as seen on Viola’s crusty head), they are still too darned cute.  They love exploring in the yard, climbing rocks, cruising through grass or stopping to smell (and… Read More

A Little of This ….

And a little of that.  This week in review: Starting with this super-cute pic of my sisters.  Makes me smile every time I look at it … AWWW – they LUV each other! I spent a bit more time cleaning and organizing… Read More

Waterlogged … and happy!

Spent as much time in the pool as possible this week.  So, I managed to get ‘sun-kissed’ and pruney-wrinkly fingers.  Of course, that much time in the pool meant not much cooking happening in the kitchen (and a large amount of liquid… Read More

Yeah, so …

I’m taking this “NOT ADULTING” to a WHOLE new level… DH is cooking dinner – IF/WHEN he wants to eat;  I haven’t done laundry … in a REALLY long time;  I am stocking up on stamps and card making supplies – LIKE… Read More

Trauma is serious business …. but wine is better!

I understand that trauma is serious – critical even.  But Jeeze-Louise … After spending some 10 hours (starting in the very bright and early [0600] AM) with a few ENA (Emergency Nurse Association)-cloned TNCC (Trauma Nurse Core Course) over-the-top instructors … Yuck! … Read More

Funk, funk … Date Night!

A crummy weekend work-tour; a mandatory in-service that outlines dreaded documentation changes coming my way*.  Add lots of angry kiln-Gods in the studio recently, and it sure would be easy to feel blue.  Nope, I’ve got a date with my youngest daughter.  Yep… Read More

Just because …

This post is just because I can!  And – because I have a few photos to share … I’ve been a busy beading-ninja!  I’m working on bracelets and pins/pendants and wire-wrapping, OH MY!  Here are a couple of bracelets – one done… Read More

‘Date Night’ Report …

Date night was a success … But more importantly, the kids made it home safe and sound.  They had a great, albeit cold and wet time at Cedar Point. I hung out in the studio most of the day, with DH popping… Read More