Cuteness Overload!

So, I’ll start with the bulldog puppies.  Even after diving into some home-made yogurt (as seen on Viola’s crusty head), they are still too darned cute.  They love exploring in the yard, climbing rocks, cruising through grass or stopping to smell (and maybe taste) the flowers …

 viola-6wks newton-6wks Linda-6wks

Then we move on to cards – birthdays, weddings and one without a sentiment just yet … I’ll switch modes to Thanks You’s and Father’s Day cards next week.  All the while, moving a few glass items along in the kilns (night lights, spoon rests – the staples!)  We plan to do a vitrigraph pull or two next week, so I have to work out some color-schemes for the stacks.


birthday-shaker-card wedding-card2 puppies-card

DH and I are having ‘date night’ later today … I grew up going to the (horse) racetrack with my grandpa from time to time.  It’s something DH and I would do as cheap entertainment in our early marriage ($20 goes a long way when you’re placing show bets).  They’ve closed all but one track in Michigan, so we’re going before that one is gone!

We hope to get the garden planted next week, too.  Whew – it’s going to be a busy week.  Good thing I get to ‘play cards’ this weekend … Winking smile  Be safe Y’all!


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