Mother’s Day and cute stuff!

We had dinner out with the kids tonight.  Over the years, DH has been fairly ‘privileged’ and/or isolated from dining out (I have food allergies, plus I like to cook).  We went to a nice restaurant, and he nearly choked on the cost of the bill.  But, it was a good dinner, great visit and a fun early celebration … And – I got flowers, lots of them!  Smile  Thank you, my babies!!!

Speaking of … the bulldog babies are 5 wks old, and absolutely ADORABLE!  Here is Viola (with Mama Ro), Newton and Linda – checking out grass for the first time.


I made a few cards, as I slowly make my way through my Pinterest favorites.  A friend has a wedding soon; I played with paper piecing, and water colored some die cut flowers on a stamped background.

wedding-card-dina roses-paper-piecing hello-friend-card

I had a special request for coe90 bright murrini, so I put together some mixed bags.  I like them and may add a few to the shop.  Meanwhile, I’m still trying to get my vitrigraph cane pulling partner (ummm … DH) to set up some dates!

coe90-birght-murrini-mix  coe90-mixed-bright-murrini

Later today, I will catch up on kiln loads and glass orders, before I head back to a fun holiday weekend in the ER.  Happy Mother’s Day, Y’all!

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