A Little of This ….

And a little of that.  This week in review: Starting with this super-cute pic of my sisters.  Makes me smile every time I look at it … AWWW – they LUV each other!Sister-love

I spent a bit more time cleaning and organizing the studio … or trying to, anyway.  Here is my storage for card making sequins and embellishments.  I hadn’t realized I have collected so many.  Hmmm, could be a problem – if I didn’t have these slick container trays for it all!  Winking smile  And, I picked up a couple of mobile storage ‘carts’ – cuz, they move (all around the studio, wherever I’m creating) and they were inexpensive.  So, ya know … I had to buy them!

all-things-shiny   embellishment-storage   mobile-card-making-storage

I made a vat of Bacon Cauliflower Chowder (no recipe as I combined a bit of this and that from several chowder recipes), along with a double batch of mostaccioli. (I always make two – one for dinner and one to freeze for later.  DH loves this, and acts like a kid waiting for Christmas as he takes the second dish to the freezer.  Silly guy!) No photo, but we added in shredded zucchini and diced tomatoes, along with a ‘cleaning of the fridge’ cheese selection (feta, provolone, mozzarella, parmesan, cream cheese and sour cream).  It’s amazing, and probably my best batch yet …cauliflower-bacon-chowder

DH and I had another vitrigraph pull.  This one a requested yellow and red.  It’s pretty … Photos of the glass stack, the pull-progression color-changes, and the cane sliced into murrini pieces.

the-stack  pull-progression  20181019_152611

I colored one single card this week, a replication from a card-maker whose style I admire.  Thank you Yoonsun!


And here we are, on Friday … almost time to enjoy another 24 hour ER nursing weekend  tour.  But, before that, I need to get busy putting together an ornament order and then – date-night with DH … I’m gonna kick his butt playing some pool!  Winking smile

the color of money


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