Viruses, Birthdays & Studio Updates

Our youngest daughter was sick last week … and then DH & I both came down with a virus that wiped us out for a couple of days.  [Yep Baby Girl in Ghana, and we get sick too!]  So, I made her a get-well card, along with a Halloween card.  And, our oldest son turned 24, so he needed a birthday card …

lil-sis-card halloween-card lego-bday-card

Then I moved on to painting some water color Cosmos.  I’m waiting for a couple of items to arrive before I finish them off as cards.


We had our son over to celebrate his birthday along with a home cooked meal.  It was nice catching up with him.  We made our Spinach & Artichoke Ravioli with French bread and Greek Salad, and wrapped it up with Mexican Fruit Cake … A quasi-international meal … Winking smile  No photos from our kitchen, but here is a link to the cake recipe (we use less butter and powdered sugar, but … either way= YUMMY GOODNESS!) 

After celebrating, I got busy cleaning and organizing in the studio.  I have a new stamp storage area and cleared off a spot for storing ink pads:

 organized-stamp-storage ink-storage

We’re also officially underway with the holiday season, so I’m making Christmas ornaments in batches.  Here are some (nutcracker) soldiers and snowmen, ready for the kiln.


And, I finally got around to much-needed packaging and photographing.  Look for these coe96 murrini listings to finally hit the shop this week!  I also hope to have another vit-pull date with DH …

deep waters murrini canedeep water packagesbees n trees packagesbees trees murrini cane

Leaving with a cute photo of the sisters sharing their bed space and bone … AWWW, what good girlz!!! Smile  BTW – got through mandatory computer and (day-walking) ER nursing competencies last week – YAHOO!


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