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Yeah, so …

I’m taking this “NOT ADULTING” to a WHOLE new level… DH is cooking dinner – IF/WHEN he wants to eat;  I haven’t done laundry … in a REALLY long time;  I am stocking up on stamps and card making supplies – LIKE… Read More

Studio Time, Food and Family …

Had a bit more studio time … so I learned a bit about David Alcala’s glass tapestry (amazing!), and played with flexi-glass … had some troubles getting started (it’s NOT supposed to roll and wrinkle like that), but had more success with… Read More

Dabbling and fun!

Had just the tiniest bit of time to play in the studio this afternoon … No time to get involved with a big project.  So – I decided to play with some metal stamping …    Hmm – easy enough.  So then… Read More