Dabbling and fun!

Had just the tiniest bit of time to play in the studio this afternoon … No time to get involved with a big project.  So – I decided to play with some metal stamping …

copper-stamping-charm   metal-stamping-time

Hmm – easy enough.  So then I thought, why not make a plant marker … Used what I thought was a ‘cheap’ spoon.  That bad boy was tough.  My little girly hammer and ‘anvil’ weren’t even touching it!  So down to the man cave I went, in search of some TOOLS.  Got it to flatten – but can’t get my stamped images to show up.  Hmmm – I’ll have to give this some thought – or maybe find easier to stamp (thinner) spoons …???

hammers---his-and-hers   spoon-stamping-trial

But now, it’s Family Time.  Taking the kids to the movies for ‘The Avengers’ … I’m excited!  Smile


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