Umm … Happy Nurse’s Week!

nurses weekWow – this weekend kicked some butt (namely mine) … From young adults on hallucinogenics to extended family with unsafe vitals, throw in a fellow co-worker getting SICK (requiring-ER-care sick!) to bike accidents that won’t soon be forgotten – all intermixed with ‘FLU’ complaints … I am SO GLAD my ‘tour’ is over!

(My week ahead:) … I will celebrate Nurse’s Week doing absolutely NOTHING remotely ‘Nurse-y’.  I have a few appointments this week, but the rest of the time I’ll be working towards playing in the studio!  I have plans to run the coffin kiln with blanks, I want to try pressed bars, there are some cute recycled paper ideas in mind, and SOMEONE needs to start thinking about summer plantings!  Oh – and with Mother’s Day coming up, I think I’ve ‘scored’ a trip out to our local glass supply shop!

But in the meantime – I’ll leave with our Zeus, acting as a warm, squishy bed for Yogi-Bear … Too Cute!


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