Producing in the Studio … AKA The Picture Post

I’ve been busy with some studio projects …

My mosaic butterfly is done.  Now to decide what to do with it – frame it, make a mobile, hang it as a sun-catcher, or leave as is …? (Not the best photos, but the second one does show off some of the iridescent clear glass around the butterfly …)

mosaic-butterfly-done   butterfly-mosaic---done

Had a coffin de-bubbling run for some of my newer blanks:



I’ve been making papers and used one to make a cute ‘lil post-it book/holder/thingy (and YES, the pressed flower is UPSIDE DOWN!  Dohhhh!):

new-recycled-papers paper-and-pressed-leaves recycled-paper-post-it-hold

I smashed up/flattened a penny for some metal stamping and played with really cheap air-dry clay for tags ($0.75 at WalMart, now I know why …):


And, I currently have a pressed-bar/boiled glass experiment in the production kiln.  Here’s the ‘before loading’ set up:


Lastly – we got our Round Two Chayote experiment planted.  We tried growing them last year and it was a bust, so finger’s crossed they work just like this, this year:

chayote    chayote vines

BTW – Here’s some info about Chayotes (also called ‘Gator Eggs’ … how could I NOT love them???) … Winking smile

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