A note to Gravatar users …

who I assume are also WordPress users …

Over the last few months, my ‘lil glass-n-craft blog has been visited and ‘liked’ by a few folks … all of whom I’d love to reciprocate by visiting their blogs – but I can’t.  There isn’t any link to many of the gravatar images.

tadaIt’s simple to fix – just click on your gravatar image, go to your profile settings to edit, add your blog address/title to the ‘My Links’ tab  … and TADA!  It will end up looking something like this (mine, if you want to see it), giving readers/perusers an active link to your blog.  (And this is where I will admit that I JUST updated my own gravatar!) Winking smile

About claytonhill

Artisan of beautiful and functional art, handmade in our glass studio. All items one of a kind due to the nature of our medium. A little about me: As the mother of four children, multiple four-legged 'children', wife and an ER nurse ... I've always found pleasure in pursuing creative outlets. My current 'hobby' is kiln-formed glass. As I never do anything 'half-way' ... my husband and I are really enjoying this medium. Other hobbies have included/include stained glass, quilting, knitting, wine making, candles - oh, and a brief trial of the ancient Ukranian art of etching designs on blown eggs ... don't ask. :) You can view my on-line glass store at www.chneos.etsy.com
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3 Responses to A note to Gravatar users …

  1. claytonhill says:

    And if you are a WordPress user WITHOUT a Gravatar … you can find it under Dashboard, Appearance, Widgets …


  2. Tom Baker says:

    I’ve had similar issues with wanting to get in contact with a blogger or visit their blog after they have visited mine. I have found Google an invaluable resource. I search for ‘wordpress’ and whatever username or real name they have given and their blog information usually comes up. If it does not I remove wordpress and add blogger or blogspot. 90% of the time I find their blog and when I don’t I choose to believe it was not meant to be. I wish more people would follow your instruction here! Good post.


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