Pressed Flowers …

Cuz, you know – I had to look into it.  Pretty cool!  Quick, easy and should look great in my papers …

I walked around the yard, collecting bits of Spring flowers and interesting leaves:


Then popped my samples into this ‘lil thing (Microfleur press), nuked them for less than a minute … and Voila!  Magic and beauty all in one! (Only burnt one … my lone Clematis.  Burning them does NOT smell good – fair warning!)

my-microfleur   pressed-flowers

And – a better photo of yesterdays blank:


3 Comments on “Pressed Flowers …”

  1. Interesting little gadget you have there. I bet it would make dusting the plants with fine powder frit so much easier. Enjoy looking at your work.


  2. I press many flowers in the microwave, but I use old books. Yes…the smell can be ghastly, but the rewards are well worth it. I enjoyed your post.


    • Timelesslady … now I feel silly for not having researched pressing flowers more thoroughly … books in the microwave, huh … very cool! Thanks for the visit and comment!! 🙂


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